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Wax Report Brundage and Snowbasin March 2016

According to the weather for this weeks racing is going to be warm.



Base temps 31-38F

Summit 26-33F


Base temps 29-36F

Summit 31-25F

Snow and rain possible with up to 5inches in the upper mountain.

Both days fall well within the range for both Swix 8 and 10

on Saturday I would wax CH8 followed with a layer of LF8

Sunday looks better to use CH8 first, then follow with a layer of LF8 and LF10 mixed due to the potential for moisture.

For those with only 8 or 10 in your wax box, don't stress because both waxes will run well. By mixing the two it will only broaden the range if the temps happen to fall out of the forecast a bit. Flouro will work great and is highly recommended if you have some available.



Base 28-48F

Summit 21-41F


Base 23-40F

Summit 16-33F

Snowbasin appears to be warmer than for those going to Idaho. Swix 8 runs great up to 39F and 10 works from 32 and above, so again we are falling right in the range for both waxes. I recommend mixing both as the best scenario, but either one should be fast throughout the day.

For those that won't be waxing between days should use 8 because it is slightly harder and more durable. It will stay in the skis longer and run better over a two day period without rewaxing.

I would also expect the snow to be firm in the morning and deteriorating throughout the afternoon. Sharp edges are going to be important. Don’t forget to polish them smooth after filing so the stay fast.

Good luck and have fun!!


Todd Herilla

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