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Why you should tune your skis

Does every skier know why it is important to tune their skis? Maybe. The simply answer is they will glide better and turn easier. Sharp edges make your skis grip and perform better. But why?

Wax lubricates the base of your ski. When skis hit the snow, it creates friction. That friction creates water molecules between the ski and the snow. Wax makes sure the water doesn't penetrate the base of the ski and therefore your skis are gliding effortlessly on a micro-layer of water.

Different snow conditions ask for a different approach. Having the proper wax and stone grind structure makes your skis smooth. This is why there are different kinds of stone grinds and base structures for varied conditions. Lighter grinds are for when it's cold and there is less water. Heaver grinds are for spring conditions and the snow is wetter. When it's wet, you want your skis to wick away the water as fast as possible.

Not every skier likes to ski fast. When we talk about fast skis, we are not talking about 100 miles per hour. The point is that your skis are not hindering your efforts and they are doing exactly what your body is telling them to do.

Tuning your skis will help you ski better with less effort and let you have a more enjoyable skiing experience.

7EVEN Skis has the knowledge to put your skis through the right tuning for each condition. We put skis through the process of hand wax vs automatic waxing for better saturation and deeper penetration into the base. This will make the skis faster and the wax last longer.

7even Skis prides itself in being a specialty ski tuning shop, whether you are a racer or a recreational skier. We build, tune and repair skis with meticulous precision.

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