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Tuning & Pricing

Ski Tuning: Fast skis. Fast and Friendly service. Not our side business. 


Our highly trained technicians have years of hands-on experience in experience in repair, tuning, and ski manufacturing to ensure the highest quality service for your equipment. 

Winter Shop Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 9 AM - 7 PM 

Sunday - Monday  2 PM - 7 PM

**After Hours Available by Appointment**



Hand Wax $20
Waxing and brushing, plain and simple. All temp wax used unless temperature specific wax requested

Hand Wax And Sharpen $37
Ceramic Disc Sharpen, polish and smooth edges, followed by polishing, waxing and brushing by hand


Pro Tune:
A full stone grind for base flattening to improve the base structure, edgework including beveling edges to your specs and sharpening, and is finished with hand waxing, brushing, and polishing. Fills are done as base welds or with p-tex based on need. Pricing is based on the number of fills; we can help you assess once we see your skis/board

0 Base fills: $57
5 - 10 fills: $67
*our most popular

10 - 20 fills: $75

20 or more fills: $89 *tech approval needed

IMG_0239 (3).JPG

Race Prep:

Race Prep $75
Same attention to detail as the Race Pro-Tune without the stone grind. Skis become faster with more wax/ski cycles between grinds. For race prep, we focus on polishing and waxing to make your skis as fast as possible!

Race Pro-Tune $99
A full stone grind for base flattening to improve the base structure, edgework including beveling edges to your specs and hand sharpening, and the tune is finished with hand waxing, brushing, polishing, and top sheet shaping. Includes u
p to 5 base fills (p-tex or welds). Following we then put your skis through 3 wax cycles using Pro by Swix Glide Wax System (PS, HS, and TS based on conditions) with specialty brushing and polishing before and after.

Extra Wax Cycle $15

Price is per cycle. World cup race skis see at least 30 wax cycles before they touch the snow. We recommend at least 5 cycles for FIS racers.



Adjustment/safety check $20

Mount $59

Mount and set to manufacturer specs, including safety torque test

Re-mount $65

Mounting with fill and seal for old holes. Re-mounts require additional time and analysis to ensure old holes do not interfere with new mounting position

IMG_0322 (3).JPG

Disaster Repair:

We build skis and know what's inside. Most skis can be repaired with even the worst damage. Come in and see a technician for a quote. If you love your skis and it's cost-effective, it's worth fixing.

Edge Replacement by quote/$60 average

It is possible to repair your blown-out edges to a near-new finish that lasts a long time. We cut out, fill, screw, and epoxy new edges that will perform.

Delamination Repair by quote/$60 average

ski structure pic.JPG


Phantom Base Treatment $189 (includes Pro-Tune) (new skis $130)

After 2 years of testing, we're convinced this stuff works. Phantom permanently infuses your bases with a hydrophobic additive that gives your skis a better baseline performance all the time. The additive makes your bases better without wax, thus decreasing the negative effects when wax wears off and reducing the need to wax for the conditions. Our testing showed that in normal mid-winter conditions (20-30 deg F) Phantom performed as well as baseline training wax from Swix and better than universal temp wax. However, when we needed added performance, we added Swix race wax, and it lasted longer and had better performance than without the Phantom treatment. Phantom means never having a bad day with sticky skis because it increases your base performance and wax adhesion for high performance when you really need it. And for ski touring, it helps keep your skins free of wax and may even help them last longer.


20% Discount for students and ski industry professionals

Whether you're a patroller, instructor, lift operator, or work at one of the ski industry local companies (Black Diamond, Backcountry, Mountain Guides, etc.), we love our industry locals!


Satisfaction Guaranteed on All of Our Services! 


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