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Not our side business

Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience in both ski repair and manufacturing to ensure the highest quality service for your equipment.

20% off for Outdoor Industry Employees and Students

(Ski Instructors, Patrol, Ski Industry Employees)


Get your skis back to beautiful.


Fast skis. Fast Service.


We have you covered for any tuning need

Full Tune - $45

hand sharpen, edge beveling to your specs, stone grind, base structure, edge polish, handwax, polish, brush.​​

Pro Tune - $60

Our most popular tune, everything that the full tune offers.

Including: basewelds/p-tex (up to 10 Fills).

Pro Tune Plus - $75

Our Pro Tune with unlimited base work.

Race Pro Tune - $80

Pro Tune with additional 3 wax cycles: hot wax cleaning, baselayer wax, specialty wax fluoro, Hand Sharpened,  Sidewall polishing, and base structure for conditions.

Kids' Tune - $30

The same as our full-tune, for a smaller price (Skis under 140cm).

7even Powder Surge Wax - $10

The days your skis felt sticky on powder days are gone with the new 7 Powder Surge Wax add on. Don't let physics get the best of you with those spiky snow crystals. We developed this blend to make your powder day easier and more fun to ski. Keep 'm fast.

Wax Cycle - $10

Price is per cycle. World cup race skis see at least 30 wax cycles before they touch the snow. We recommend at least 5 cycles

Handwax - $20

Upgraded wax options available.

Hand Wax & Sharpen - $25

Sharpen, edge polish, handwax, polish, brush.

Swix BW World Cup Wax - $20

This High Fluorocarbon wax has provided excellent results in both the World Cup and World Championships and is a highly recommended addition to any tune

Race Prep - $65

In preparation for race day, we use 3 wax cycles, ending with specialty fluoro wax. Custom bevels, hand sharpen, stone polish the edges by hand. Optional: add $20 for Swix BW Worldcup wax

New Ski Prep - $25

Set base + side bevel, sharpen, handwax, polish, brush

Edge Replacement - avg $55

See a technician for final quote

Delamination Repair - avg $55

See a technician for final quote.

Binding Adjustment - $20

Adjustment and safety check.

Binding (re)Mount - $45

Mounting and safety check. 

Additional Base Work - $5/fill

Price is per fill (includes p-tex or base welds). Perfect for those skis that need a Full Tune but may have a core shot or large scratch.

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