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All skis feature our cutting edge PI technology.

We use traditional camber and sandwich

construction, which is still the gold standard

for high performance skis.



Wood Cores


The wood cores are the heart of the ski, which is the

most important factor in the way a ski performs. 

We hand pick our hardwoods in small batches to

ensure our cores have the characteristics we want.  

We blend woods of different densities for the optimal

strength, damping, and performance.   How does this

translate into performance? 


-Long lasting feel - your skis will continue to

feel lively after long term use

-Increased Damping - Selection and blending of

woods is part of our testing (see PI tech). 



High Performance Sintered Bases


There are many different grades of ski bases.  We choose ours to have a blend of both glide and durability.   A ski that glides better, is not only faster, but it will make a ski turn easier.   All of our skis are finished and structured on our Wintersteiger  Stone Grinder. 



Composite Materials


Composite materials are reinforcing layers (Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, etc combined with Resin)  that create strength and feel.  These materials may be used alone or in conjunction with others to give skis different properties.  Each pair of 7even's is engineered with multiple layers for the right feel, performance, and strength. 





7even uses Isosport Nylon topsheets which are an industry standard.  The topsheet is the protective layer on the top of skis.  This layer also is where the graphics are sublimated on the skis. Read more about why we make flat top skis on our FAQ page.




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PI Technology: Pulse Inhibiting Technology


Pulse Inhibiting Technology is our specially formulated blend of materials to reduce vibration and increase edge grip. We have integrated hardwoods with composite materials like carbon, fiberglass, and kevlar that work together to cancel out vibration in the ski. The Pulse Inhibiting Technology was developed after extensive testing of different materials and measuring the results with an accelerometer. This technology reduces vibration without the use of metal, which keeps the ski lightweight and lively. Damping a ski helps it grip better on hardpack and varied terrain.


Every ski core holds 10 different pieces of wood. That means we pick wood that matches the flex required for each pair of skis.  Each pair of cores are made from the same board, so flex patterns are optimally matched.  We blend wood with different resonance(but equal strength) that cancel out vibration to give you a smoother ride.  Our vibration damping doesn't deaden the life of the ski, but only removes unwanted vibration to optimize grip.  We pick the best tree, cut the best part, shape it, and mill it with precision.


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