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Why the name 7EVEN?

We would love to tell you a badass story about how we skied the 7 biggest mountaintops in the world. The real story is a little less glamorous. Seven was an amazing skiing-biking-frisbee playing Border Collie. Born with a fur '7' on her forehead, she just couldn't be named 'Fido' or 'Rex', so Seven it was. While starting to build skis, a lot of names passed the brainstorming session, but only one meant something: 7EVEN. Representing fast, sweet, solid, and trustworthy. 

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Why should I buy 7EVEN skis?

We developed Pulse Inhibiting Technology, which reduces vibration and increases edge hold in every condition.

Every ski core holds 10 different pieces of wood - hand-picked to match the flex required for each pair of skis. We blend wood with different resonances (but equal strength) that cancel out vibration to give you a smoother ride without deadening the life of the ski. We pick the best tree, cut the best part, shape it, and mill it with precision. After we design the best core, we combine it with the best composite materials - carbon, fiberglass, and kevlar, to mention a few. 

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What does race inspired mean?

Performance. In our search to create the ultimate All Mountain Ski, we tested different combinations of several composites. We are all about high-quality materials and craftsmanship combined with the never lying data of science. Aside from materials, we use traditional camber layed up in a sandwich construction, which is still the gold standard for high-performance skis.


Are you a ski tuning shop or a ski manufacturer?

Both. We build skis, and have a long career as ski tuners, racers, engineers, and CNC machinists, which makes us understand every aspect of ski building and tuning.   After building skis, needing stone grinders, and other tuning gear, it only made sense with our experience to offer both tuning and skis.


Do you also tune and repair snowboards?

Yes. We specialize in skis, but we will use our expertise and skills to give your board a high-quality tune. We build skis because we are passionate skiers, but the process for tuning is the same for snowboards and one of our techs is a snowboarder himself.


What makes your shop different than others?


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