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We want you to try our skis!

(We know you'll love them)
Demo Program Pricing

Test out high-performance skis for just $60 a day. 

If you choose to purchase a pair, the cost of the demo will be taken off of the price (up to $100 off). 


Come in and get your skis tuned, demo our skis while you wait for a discounted $45 a day!

What You'll Get

 Whether you are an intermediate or profession skier, we are confident you will love the stability you will feel carving through your turns. 


Our proprietary PI technology reduces damping by 30% compared to other skis, giving you the smoothest ride possible. 


Beginner skis are not available at this time. 

Ready To Demo?

Reserve your pair today by visiting the shop or calling us at 801-856-0291. 


Remember to bring a boot in so we can fit the bindings. 

 Keep an eye out for on-snow demo days near you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news!

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