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All new ski purchases include 1 year of free tuning and 1 free binding mount

Featuring PI Tech designed to reduce vibration and give you the smoothest ride possible. 

Our Philosophy:

Race Inspired All Mountain Skis (not to be confused with racing skis)

Our skis are designed and built with performance in mind.  We use dual wood cores made here in our shop with PI Tech vibration damping built in to the ski.  Pressed sandwich construction and the right amount of camber allows each ski to arc in hard, soft, and variable snow. We build skis with a strong stable platform that are easy to ski everywhere with confidence.    


How it works:

We have developed 3 models that will fit most of our customers needs. All of these are available off the rack and ready to go, but if you are looking for something more specific whether it be as simple as a graphic change, or as complex as adjusting the flex; we can then make the adjustments based on your feedback.  Turn radius, flex, camber profile, graphics are the most common adjustments. 


 Our skis are available 3 different ways:

1) Models 'off the rack' $949

2) Semi Custom $1099

3) Full Custom $1199

Models were developed directly from the skis that we use here at 7even. (see below)

C4 - All mountain carver that can go anywhere

D Pow - All mountain ski designed to tear up the front and the back

7111 - All mountain excellence biased towards powder and big mountain skiing




At 111 underfoot, the stance is plenty wide for the deepest days.    Zero/Camber/Zero Profile gives you the benefit of easy turn initiation and exit without the loss of edge contact when you need it.  Whether its untracked or skied out, this ski can handle it all. 

164cm 139-111-129 R=17.2m

174cm 139-111-129 R=20.1m

184cm 139-111-129 R=23.2m

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powder skis, all mountain skis, ski shop salt lake city, ski tuning salt lake city

105 D Pow



The D Pow is wider than the C4 with a softer flex pattern and longer shovel. This is the ultimate all mountain ski in the Wasatch.  Using a traditional full camber with an extended tip and tail for float, this ski will take you all over the front and back.  Its also our most popular model here in Utah.

167cm 136-105-126 R=16.8m

176cm 136-105-126 R=19.1m

185cm 136-105-126 R=21.1m

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This ski is 96 underfoot using our new Zero - Camber - Zero profile.  Unlike some rockered skis, Zero/Camber/Zero gives you the benefit of easy turn initiation and exit without the loss of edge contact when you need it.   This is a great carver with the ability to take it anywhere.

167 cm  132-96-118 R=18.6m

176 cm 132-96-118 R=21m

183 cm 132-96-118 R=23m

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Semi Custom


Skis are comprised from our Models, but with your touch added.  Allow 2 weeks to build your skis.

1) Custom Wood Top Sheets - Choose what type of real hardwood you want for your skis canvas.  Choose from options such as; Walnut, Hickory, Maple, Birch, Zebra Wood, Purple Heart, Macassar Ebony.


2) Customize Graphics -  Choose the color for 7even logos, or add your own touch and supply your own graphic to apply on the wood top sheet. (some restrictions apply)

3) Custom Top Sheets - Provide your own graphic.

Full Custom


Skis are available for those who really know what they want in a ski.  The process starts with a design consultation so we can help you decide exactly what you are looking for. Please allow 2-4 weeks for custom shapes and molds to be made to your specs.

The options available to you are:

Ski Shape



Camber Profile


Light weight core option


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