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This is a project that I would work on even if I didn’t need to earn a living.  I hope to see you all in the shop this season, and a big thank you to everyone who has helped to get 7even Skis off the ground.

Todd, Owner/Ski Tech


7even Skis began in 2009 building custom skis in a small garage in Salt Lake City. One year later we moved to a warehouse where people began demoing and loving the skis. July 2013 we expanded into our current shop.

Our beloved Border Collie ‘Seven’ who skied regularly with me past away before the shop opened, so Todd decided that the brand should be named after her. Now the shop is home to Sonic, named Best Store Greeter in Utah 2017!

Sonic shop 2.JPG

Sonic - Official Store Greeter and Mascot


It takes a lifetime to build a mastery of ski building and tuning.  Todd started working in a ski shop at the age of 13 in 1984, and ski raced until his mid 20’s. This led to his identity as a self-proclaimed ‘ski geek’. After a hiatus from the ski world, Todd decided it was time to get back in the ski business and start loving his work again.


With a group of friends who happened to be engineers, composites experts, custom furniture builders, CNC machinists, and ski industry veterans, Todd was able to develop his initial ski-building process.


After years of testing and fine-tuning his craft skis, the 2021 7evens are the best Todd has ever made, though he will always keep his eye on innovation. Plain and simple: they are fun skis.

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